Welcome to Casey

The Federal electorate of Casey is both an urban and rural region. Starting from Monbulk in the south and sprawling up into the Yarra Ranges it comprises 411 square kilometres of fast developing suburbs and the Yarra Valley heartland.

Blessed with pristine natural beauty, our suburbs on Melbourne’s eastern fringe sit alongside sprawling agricultural areas, rural townships and some of the world’s best vineyards.

The rural areas from Seville to Silvan and Monbulk and Coldstream are at the forefront of agri-business and proudly produce some of the best wine, flowers and fruit in Australia and the world.

In the outer suburban region, a diverse range of small, medium and large businesses produce and deliver a range of goods and services and comprise the backbone of our local economy.

The urban areas of Casey host rapidly growing and expanding new suburbs of young families who’ve come here to build there dreams and share in our unique and vibrant community spirit.

New homes and suburbs like Chirnside Park, sit alongside older suburbs like Croydon and Lilydale built by the post-war generation, who made the same trek here for the same reason: to build a better life and provide better prospects for their children and future.

Casey straddles both urban and rural Victoria and as such, has unique needs. With the speed of urban development, it is my role to ensure government provides adequate infrastructure and services.

If you have any problems or issues involving Federal Government departments or programmes, please contact my office.

Yours Sincerely,

Tony Smith MPFederal Member for Casey