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A Coalition Government will contribute $500,000 towards the construction of a new sports pavilion at the Don Road Sporting Complex. If the Coalition is elected, this $500,000 contribution will see the Council prioritise this project in its sporting infrastructure budget. The plan for this new pavilion includes team change rooms, a first aid room, a canteen as well as meeting and storage space. This facility will be able to accommodate over 160 soccer players and 40 netballers. While intended primarily for soccer and netball, the facility can also be used to accommodate Australian rules football matches if the need arises.
A Coalition Government will provide $75,000 towards improvements to the facilities at Queens Park in Healesville. This funding package will see the Council prioritise this project in its sporting infrastructure budget. Queens Park is a major local sporting facility that accommodates up to 170 junior footy players and 150 cricket players. The Coalition’s new funding will be used to improve the pavilion’s existing canteen facilities and shelter/shade space. This project is fully supported by all the major sports clubs in the community, including the Healesville Junior Football Club, Healesville Cricket Club, Healesville Soccer Club and the Healesville Football and Netball Club. The Yarra Ranges Council will contribute a further $25,000 to the project.
A COALITION GOVERNMENT WILL FUND YARRA JUNCTION FOOTBALL/NETBALL CLUB PAVILION WORKS An incoming Coalition Government will contribute $50,000 towards the upgrade of the Yarra Junction Football/Netball Club football change rooms. With Council prepared to make a matching contribution, works to the value of $100,000 will be able to be carried out to extend the pavilion to provide a new storage area, and enable the existing storage area in the main change rooms to be turned into a gym for use by the footballers, netballers and cricketers.
A Coalition Government will make our streets safer by providing funding for a Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) security camera network in Yarra Junction. The $50,000 announced today will see at least 5 security cameras installed in the Yarra Junction township. The best way to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour is to prevent it occurring in the first place. Our commitment is part of the Coalition’s Safer Streets Communities Grants program, which if the Coalition is elected, will make our streets safer by providing $50 million over four years to tackle local crime hotspots around Australia.
COALITION GREEN ARMY PLEDGE TO WARBURTON TRAIL A Coalition Government will include the Warburton Trail in a select group of local communities to benefit from the first stage of its Green Army initiative. This represents just one chapter in the Coalition’s commitment to build a 15,000-person strong Green Army that will conduct environmental work throughout Australia. A Coalition Government will begin deployment of 250 Green Army teams throughout Australia in July 2014. By 2018-19 the number of Green Army projects nationwide will increase to 1,500. The Warburton Trail Protection Program will be one of those 250 first wave Green Army projects.
A Coalition Government will deliver a grant of $100,000 to the Metropolitan Traffic Education Centre (METEC), a not-for-profit organisation that specializes in driver training. METEC is committed to reducing the road toll, particularly amongst younger drivers, through its closed road training and education facility. For over 40 years METEC has provided a safe environment for driver training. Built on 10 hectares of land in Bayswater North, the centre has 4km of private roads, including all the usual traffic features such as intersections, traffic lights and roundabouts to provide an ideal learner training facility.
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