Thursday, 5 June 2014

Building a Stronger Economy and a Stronger Local Community - June 2014

The Coalition’s first Budget gets Australia off Labor’s runaway debt and deficit train, and puts us on a responsible and sustainable path to a stronger nation and a stronger local community.

It requires some sacrifices today to ensure prosperity tomorrow.

We cannot continue to do as Labor did – pretend that we can keep living beyond our means.

Everyone will have to contribute in order to build a stronger economy and a better future for our local community. But by sharing the effort we lighten the load.

Right now we are paying $1 billion each and every month in interest just to service Labor’s debt.

Without responsible action this would rise to around $3 billion a month within 10 years.

Under our plan, deficits will be cut by $43 billion, and debt by about $275 billion in a decade.

At the same time, the Budget includes vital funding for infrastructure, a new $20 billion Medical Research Future Fund and the largest roads budget in Australian history.

We will reduce the overall tax burden, including abolishing Labor’s Carbon Tax, which will deliver an average family savings of $550 a year.

The Budget provides the funds to fulfil the local pledges made during the last election to build a stronger local economy, and a stronger and safer local community in Casey.

Detailed Budget overview documents are available below:-

Budget overview Infrastructure Health Higher Education Social Services
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